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B. Well Acupuncture was created to help people achieve optimum and sustainable health. We provide in-depth primary health care using both traditional and contemporary methods to help our patients attain health and wellness. B. Well Acupuncture also provides solutions and counseling to help people sleep better, reduce stress, manage their depression and moods, and to reduce pain and inflammation from injuries. Our mission is to provide our patients with caring effective treatment at a reasonable price. We understand that health care can be expensive and that acupuncture is not a magic bullet. That is why we make it affordable for our patients to get treatments in order to achieve results. At B. Well Acupuncture we strive to provide the best care possible to our patients.
B. Well Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Counseling
Melissa Batten LA.c

Melissa has been studying Chinese medicine and body work since 2002. She started her journey at the International Professional School of Body Work. After taking a class in Tui Na (Chinese medical massage) she decided to change her direction. She realized that there was a more comprehensive and helpful way to benefit her patients; acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Becoming a Chinese Medicine practitioner was who she wanted to be. She went to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, where she studied acupuncture, herbology, sports medicine, and other traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. She did a 2 year internship where she had the opportunity to work in the clinic at the school as well as off site clinics such as the free seniors’ clinic downtown, and the Veterans stand down. She earned her Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) in 2009. After graduation, she studied Dr. Tan’s balance method. This style of acupuncture is very effective and safe. Melissa’s goal is provide the best and most holistic care for her patients.
About Melissa
Melissa Batten was born in San Diego, and loves this city. She worked at a veterinary hospital for the 13 years, 6 of those while going to school full time studying Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She chose Pacific College because in addition to being a well respected institution for the study of Chinese Medicine, it also teaches how to recognize when a condition could best be served with Western medicine so that a graduate can make a referral. Married since 2004, she and her husband love their adorable Boston terrier named Invader Zim. Along with her husband, Bill she enjoys bike riding, hiking, walking, reading, and cooking. She has a love and passion for Chinese Medicine and is so excited to be able to help her patients feel well, and better utilize their body’s own natural ability to heal itself.
B. Well Acupuncture specializes in helping you obtain the natural health and energy levels to maintain your optimum wellness in life.

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